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2024 Schedule

Great for Families • Free Admission • In the Storybook Land Castle

Shiver and Shake

Tuesday, June 25th 10am

Wednesday, June 26th 7pm

Friday, June 28th 7pm

Annierella and the (Very Awesome) Good Queen Fairy Cowmother

Tuesday, July 2nd 10am

Wednesday, July 3rd 7pm

Thursday, July 4th 7pm

Friday, July 5th 7pm

The Reality Show of Prince Absurdly Handsome

Tuesday, July 9th 10am

Wednesday, July 10th 7pm

Friday, July 12th 7pm

A Year With Frog and Toad

Tuesday, July 16th 10am

Wednesday, July 17th 7pm

Friday, July 19th 7pm

The Imaginators

Tuesday, July 23rd 10am

Wednesday, July 24th 7pm

Friday, July 26th 7pm

Tortoise Vs. Hare 2: This Time It's Personal

Tuesday, July 30th 10am

Wednesday, July 31st 7pm

Friday, August 1st 7pm

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